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Set Tax ID by Locations

MyTime allows the ability to set the tax ID number by location. In this article, we will walk through setting up the company tax ID and tax IDs by location. 

Things to know:

  • The Tax ID will be displayed on all client receipts, email campaigns, and automated emails. 
  • If a location's tax ID is not added, the company's Tax ID entered in the Business Setup > Settings will be the default shown on clients' receipts.
  • If there is a Tax ID for the company and it is separate from the Tax ID for the location, the location Tax ID takes precedence over the company Tax ID. 

Set Tax ID at the Account Level

To set tax ID for the company:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Setting
  2. Under POS, locate the "Default Tax ID number" setting
  3. Enter the Tax ID                               setting_tax_id_1.png
  4. Save 

Set Tax ID By Location

To set Tax ID by location: 

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Business Profile
  2. Locate the location section and click Edit next to the location where you want to set the tax ID
  3. Scroll down to the Tax ID field below the location email address                                                       tax_ID.png
  4. Enter your Tax ID number
  5. Save 

If the company Tax ID is different from the location ID and both are set, the location tax ID takes precedence. 

Tax ID set in the company setting               setting_tax_id.png

Location Tax ID                                                location_tax_id.png

Client receipt will display:tax_receipt.png

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