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Create a New Staff Profile by Cloning

Staff profiles can be created in a similar manner, allowing them to possess the same access level to the system, identical working schedules, offer the same services, and have the same compensation setup. This article will provide steps on how to add a staff member by cloning.

Things to know:

  • The access level, services, compensation, working hours, location, online booking setting, and booking time slot fields will be automatically populated in the cloned profile.
  • The name, title, and appointment booking notification fields for the new staff member will have to be filled in manually.

To clone a staff member's profile:

1. Go to Location Setup > Staff


2. Select the staff you would like to clone

3. At the bottom of the staff member's profile, select "Duplicate"


The new cloned profile will open

4. Enter the new staff member's details on the profile


6. Save


The profile of the cloned staff member will be included on the main staff page.


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