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Configure Appointment Confirmation Notification

In this article, we'll go over how to set up automated notifications to remind your clients to confirm their appointments and ensure their presence.  

Things to know: 

  • You can determine the method of delivery of the appointment confirmation notification: email or text message. If the method selected is not available for a client, we will try other available methods even if it is not selected. For instance, if you select email as the delivery method but the client does not have an email address on file, we will send the notification via text message.
  • Appointment confirmations come with two pre-configured templates that you can customize or add your own. 
  • If a client has multiple same-day appointments, they will receive an email or SMS confirmation for each appointment, each displaying its respective start and end times.

Configuring Notification for Appointment Confirmation

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Automated Messages
  2. Locate the Appointment Notification section appt_confirmation.png
  3. Hover over the status to see the options to 'View' or 'Activate' the template
  4. Click 'View'
  5. From here you can set your preferences:confirmation_select.png
    • Send X before the appointment. You can specify how far ahead of the appointment date the confirmation should be sent. This can range from hours to weeks.
    • Delivery by: This allows you to select your preferred method of delivery: email or text message.
      • Email: The client must have an email address on file and be opted in to receive transactional emails

      • Text Message: The client must have a mobile number on file and be opted in to receive transactional SMS

    • Email Title
    • Reply-to-Name: - Name of the business that appears when your clients reply to an auto-email. We will use the business name that was added to the business profile page
    • Email Subject
    • Body of the template
  6. Save 
  7. From the Automated Messages Page, hover over the status > and click 'Activate'

Notification sent to your clients


Clicking 'Confirm Appointment' will confirm the appointment and redirect them to the booking confirmation page 


When the appointment has been confirmed:
1. The appointment will change from blue to green on the scheduler
2. There will also be a green dot on the appointment tile
3. On the notes tab, the audit trail will show that the client confirmed their appointment via email or SMSconfirmed.png

Audit Trail on the Notes Tab shows


If the confirmation notification was sent via SMS, the highlighted note above will state "MyTime Reminder confirmed via SMS".



For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.    

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