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Inventory Reasons

The Inventory Reason settings allow you to customize the list of inventory reasons. If enabled, you will be able to add as many inventory returns or adjustment reasons as you so desire. 

Things to know:

  • You are given a pre-set list of reasons, but you can add more or delete the ones that are already there
  • Existing inventory reasons can be deleted but not edited

Enabling the Inventory Reasons

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings
  2. Locate the POS section, locate the setting, "Activate Inventory Reasons Dropdown"
  3. Toggle to"Yes" to see the list displayed below with the preset list of reasons inventory_reason.png
  4. Add and remove items from the list to make it your own. The +Add link is located at the bottom of the list, and the delete button is represented by the red X next to each reason on the list                                                                                                                     inventory_reason_add_an_delete.png
  5. Save changes

View Inventory Reasons in POS

When processing an inventory adjustment, the added reasons will be displayed in a list from which to choose.                                              inventory_reason_on_product.png

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