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Editing Clocked Hours

Clock hours are the total number of actual hours worked by a staff member during a shift and are calculated between clocking in and clocking out.

Things to know:

  • To be able to edit clocked hours, the clock in/out setting must be enabled
  • Staff members must be granted access to edit clocked hours
  • From the setting, you can set how many days prior to clocked hours can they be edited
  • If the clocked time is edited, the edited hours will be reflected in the Time Tracking report

Configuring Editing Clocked Hours

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Setting
  2. Below the Staff section, locate the setting "Do staff members need to clock in/out?"
  3. When the toggle is set to yes, an additional field appears that allows you to specify how many days prior a clocked hour can be edited     edit_hour_setting.png
  4. Save changes

Editing Clock Hours

  1. Navigate to your Scheduler
  2. Click on the staff member's name for which you wish to edit the hours for                                                  edit_hours_from_sched.png
  3. A drop down will appear with options, select "Edit Clocked Hours"
  4. Besides the date required, edit the hours by changing the time. You are also able to change the work type if there are multiple    edit_hour_from_sched_modal.png
  5. Save

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