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Creating Waivers

MyTime allows businesses to ask clients to agree to their terms and policies by enabling a waiver that collects electronic signatures.

To create a waiver:

1. Navigate to the Clients Manager

2. Expand the Manage Clients menu

3. Select Customize Client Fields  unnamed_-_2021-11-15T094233.360.png

4. Click the Add Field hyperlink Intake-Forms-MyTime.png

5. Expand the Field Type section and choose Waiver from the drop-down menu Intake-Forms-MyTime__1_.png

6. Add the required info in the required fields

  • Field Name - Name of the waiver
  • Content - The details you want to include in the waiver


7. The preview will appear once the details have been entered 


8. Save

After saving, the waiver can be added to the intake form and signed by your clients in-store or online.

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