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Creating Waivers

MyTime offers the ability for businesses to request clients to agree to their terms and policies through electronic waivers. These waivers can be created with different options, such as an unlimited validity period or an expiry period. In this article, we will discuss creating waivers. 

Things to know:

  • Types of waivers:
    • Unlimited Validity Period: With this option, waivers have no expiration date. Clients who agree to the terms and policies through these waivers are considered to have accepted them indefinitely. This is useful for businesses that want a one-time agreement that remains in effect until further notice or until the client decides to revoke it.
    • Expiry Period: Waivers created with an expiry period have a set duration during which they are valid. Once the specified time has passed, clients will need to re-agree to the terms and policies by signing a new waiver. This can be useful for businesses that want clients to periodically reaffirm their agreement or for situations where the terms and policies may change over time.
    • Learn more about waivers with an expiry date here
  • Waivers can be generated and signed in-store or online during the booking process.

To create a waiver:

  1. Navigate to the Clients tab
  2. Expand the Manage Clients menu
  3. Select Customize Client Fields 
  4. Click the Add Field hyperlinkIntake-Forms-MyTime.png
  5. Expand the Field Type section and choose 'Waiver' from the drop-down menuIntake-Forms-MyTime (1).png
  6. Fill in the necessary information in the applicable fields
    • Field Name - Name of the waiver
    • Content - The details you want to include in the waiver 
    • Expiration - The length of the waiver expiration after completion intake forms 2.png
  7. The preview will appear once the details have been entered
  8. Save

After saving, the waiver can be added to the intake form and signed by your clients in-store or online. 

Waiver Generated In-Store

liability waiver.png

Waiver Generated Online

intake form 3.png


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.  


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