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Sign Waivers via Payment Terminal

Clients can sign the waiver in-store using an iPad, a computer mouse, or a payment terminal. This article will walk you through the steps of signing a waiver using a payment terminal.

Things to know:  

  1. Only terminals configured at the selected location will be visible in the drop-down menu
  2. When filtered by a location where no terminal has been configured, the "Request Signature" option will be hidden

To allow a client to sign a waiver via payment terminal:

  1. Navigate to the Clients Manager
  2. Select the desired client
  3. Expand the "Add Waiver" dropdown menu Client-Records-MyTime__2_.png
  4. Select the desired waiver from the list image-png-1366_768-__4_.png
  5. If your company has multiple locations, use the location filter to find the desired one 
  6. Next, select the "Request Signature" option. If a location is selected that does not have a terminal configured, the "Request Signature" option will be hidden 
  7. A drop-down menu will then show the terminals configured for that location Client-Records-MyTime__8_.png
  8. Select the desired terminal 
  9. Instruct the client to sign the waiver on the payment terminal                Terminal-Waiver-shana-lee-mytime-com-MyTime-Mail__4_.png
  10. Once the signature is entered, a confirmation will appear  Client-Records-MyTime__9_.png
  11. Save 

The signed waiver will be visible on the client's profile.


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.

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