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Sign Waivers via Ingenico Terminal

Clients can sign the waiver in-store using an iPad, a computer mouse, or an Ingenico payment terminal. This article will walk you through the steps of signing a waiver using a payment terminal.

Things to know:   

  1. The ability to sign waivers via terminal is only supported on the Lane/8000, Lane/7000, and Move/5000 Ingenico terminals.
  2. Waiver terms and conditions are only displayed on the terminal when the "Display Waiver on Terminal Screen Before Requesting Client Signature" setting on Business Setup > Settings is enabled.
  3. The waiver display will time out after 60 seconds (managed by Cloud9) for businesses with lengthy waivers. We do, however, have a retry option for this to restart the display after it has timed out; unfortunately, it is not continuous, so your clients will have to scroll back to where they left off and continue.
  4. The "Request Signature" option will be hidden on the waiver modal on the client profile when filtered by a location where no terminal has been configured.
  5. Only Ingenico terminals configured at the selected location will be visible in the "Request Signature" dropdown menu

Enable Display Waiver Terms & Conditions on Terminal Screen Setting

  1. Navigate to Business setup > Settings
  2. Locate the POS section
  3. Toggle the "Display Waiver on Terminal Screen Before Requesting Client Signature" setting to YES            waiver
  4. Save

Sign Waiver via Terminal

To allow a client to sign a waiver via the Ingenico payment terminal:

  1. Navigate to the Clients Manager
  2. Select the desired client
  3. Expand the "Add Waiver" dropdown menu Client-Records-MyTime__2_.png
  4. Select the desired waiver from the list 
  5. Once the waiver is selected, a modal will appear
  6. If your company has multiple locations, use the location filter to select the desired location
  7. Next, select the "Request Signature" option, this will display the instructions. If a location is selected that does not have a terminal configured, the "Request Signature" option will be hidden.                     waiversss.png
  8. A drop-down menu will then show the terminals configured for that location, select the desired terminal. Note: A dropdown will be displayed if more than one terminal is configured, if not, it will continue to the next step                                       terminl.png
  9. After selecting the 'Request Signature' hyperlink, it will take a few seconds to connect to the selected terminal                                               
  10. Instruct the client to preview and accept the waiver terms and conditions  
  11. If they accept, they will be directed to the signature screen. If they decline, the window closes and the splash screen returns to normal.
  12. On the signature screen they will sign then tap the 'OK' button    
  13. When the client's signature is entered, a confirmation will appear on their profile
  14. Save 

The signed waiver will be visible on the client's profile 


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.



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