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Updating Existing Client Memberships

MyTime allows you to update the price and benefits on existing memberships from the Business Setup > Memberships tab. This article will walk you through the process of updating memberships and creating scheduled updates for those memberships.     


Things to know:  

  1. This feature is only applicable to memberships with an indefinite contract term and a monthly billing cycle  
  2. Once an update is scheduled, the new settings will be applied to all existing memberships at their next successful charge date. For example, if the updates are scheduled to take effect on October 9th but the membership's billing date is the 15th of the month, the change will not be reflected on each existing client's membership until the membership is successfully charged on October 15th. 
  3. For franchisors using global memberships, the memberships can be updated at the parent account level, while local memberships can only be updated at the child account level.

  4. When a membership is updated using scheduled updates, the credit buckets can be merged when the credits apply to the same items. This merge will be shown in the membership credit audit trail under the Applicable For column as "#[number] Service and Product Credit Merged". This feature is controlled by a hidden setting that only the MyTime team can enable. To enable the hidden setting, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com.

Updating Memberships

To update existing client memberships: 

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Memberships 
  2. Click on the edit icon of the desired membership (must be a membership with an indefinite contract period and monthly billing frequencyBusiness-Info.png
  3. Adjust the membership benefits - freeze fee, cancellation fee, price, discount, or item or value credits
  4. Click the "publish membership" button, you will be asked if you want to edit memberships purchased in the past


No - Saves the membership update then redirects to the membership page. The update will only apply to new memberships purchased after the change.

Yes - This option allows you to specify whether you want the price, benefit and discount, or both applied to existing client memberships, the effective date (when you want this change to take effect), and the locations where the change is applicable. 


Once saved, you will receive a confirmation message. 

Schedule Updates

To view all scheduled membership updates: 

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Memberships 
  2. Click on the edit icon of the desired membership Business-Info.png
  3. In the upper right-hand corner, click the "View Scheduled Updates" link MyTime-Appointments-when-you-want-them__7_.png
  4. All scheduled updates will be reflected MyTime-Appointments-when-you-want-them__1_.png
  5. If the update was scheduled for a future date, you can edit and change details such as whether the update applies to pricing or benefits, the location the update is applicable for, and the date the update should take effect by clicking the Edit button.  MyTime-Appointments-when-you-want-them__2_.png
  6. The Audit Trail modal displays each client membership update after it has been charged:
    • Date - when the scheduled update was applied on client’s membership (on next charge date)
    • Status of Client Membership (after charge)
    • Reason Failed (if the scheduled update failed when applied on client)
    • Membership Name
    • Client Name MyTime-Appointments-when-you-want-them__3_.png
  7. From the +Add New Scheduled Update link located at the bottom, you can make another update without making any changes to your membership  Staff-Availability__6_.png

Difference between Publish Membership Button and Add Scheduled Update Button

Publish Membership button 

  1. Saves the membership edits
  2. Creates a scheduled update

Add Scheduled Update button 

Creates a new scheduled update  




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