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Membership Price for Recurring Charges

In this article, we will look at how applying a discount or changing the price of a membership in POS affects recurring membership charges. 


If a discount is applied to a ticket when selling memberships in POS, the discount will only apply to the initial purchase price.

Client - Jack

Membership price - $100 

The client received a $20 discount when purchasing the membership. As a result, they only paid $80. membership_in_POS.jpg


The recurring charge for the membership will be $100.membership_on_account.jpg



If the membership price is changed in POS, it will affect all recurring charges.

Client - Andriana

Membership price - $100

When the membership was purchased, the membership price was manually adjusted in POS from $100 to $80. membership_in_POS_1.jpg


The recurring charge for the membership will be $80 membership_on_account_1.jpg

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