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Best Practices for Browser and Cache Management

The following are some best practices for managing your browser and cache while using the MyTime web application.


1. The Chrome web browser or Microsoft's Edge based on chromium are preferred (it is usually default for newer versions of Windows OS). To avoid issues with browser support, please ensure that the browser is updated on a regular basis. Chrome browser is automatically updated by default. However, some local networks place restrictions on browser auto-updates.

2. Multiple tabs open at the same time is fine, but tabs are not synced, and updating data in one tab does not refresh data in the other. You can simply refresh the page or navigate away from the current page and back to it. It is rarely an issue unless users frequently reuse tabs (4-10 open tabs of MyTime app at once). The scheduler module, on the other hand, will be updated within 10-45 seconds because we are syncing the events. The client profile, POS tickets, and reports pages must be refreshed or navigated from/to before the data is synced. 

3. We are storing multiple users' preferences in the browser's native local storage. These preferences are determined by the machine being used in conjunction with the user who is logged in. Here are some examples:

  • Reports - When you select a location, staff, or "closed tickets only" checkbox it is always saved on that machine. The user can change it, but for convenience, we save this preference locally.
  • POS - When you select a location, it is always saved on that machine. The user can change it, but for convenience, we save this preference locally.

Clearing the local storage or simply clearing all data from the browser will clear these preferences on your machine.

4. The first step should be to refresh the page if any information is not visible

5. Clear your browser's local cache and cookies on a regular basis - Although it is not required, browsers may cache the code to improve performance, resulting in the use of an out-of-date version of MyTime. We recommend doing so as part of troubleshooting after refreshing the browser's page.  Also, when we release a new version of the app that requires the cache to be cleared, we usually display a notification at the top of the screen asking you to refresh the page.

Please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com if you have any questions.
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