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Deposit Policy for Services

MyTime provides the option to mandate a prepaid deposit during the service booking process. This feature allows you to impose a deposit fee, either in a fixed dollar amount or as a percentage, for particular services or across all services.

In this article, you will learn how to:

Things to know

  1. The deposit fee is set per account, not per location. If an account has multiple locations, the deposit fee will be applied to all locations.
  2. Parent companies have the option to allow or prevent the implementation of deposit policies across child accounts. This is controlled by the “Enable Deposit” setting on Business Setup > Settings.

    • When the setting is enabled at the parent level, it will also be active at the child level, but child accounts can always disable it.

    • When the setting is disabled at the parent level, it cannot be turned on at the child level, and the deposit fee will not be applied to child accounts (even if it was previously enabled). 

  3. The deposit fee cannot be tailored to a specific client type. For instance, new client vs. existing client  

  4. A service cannot have a cancellation fee as well as a deposit. If a deposit is set for a service, no cancellation fee will be charged.
  5. For online bookings, clients will enter their credit card and payment will immediately be taken for the deposit amount and applied towards the ticket. Once the appointment is completed we charge the balance of the total service price to the client's card. 
  6. Staff members can choose to waive the prepaid deposit when creating appointments in-store. If they choose to collect a deposit, they will be directed to the POS to take payment for the deposit fee 
  7. Percentage (%) deposit will always apply to the full price of the service before discounts
  8. If a service is covered by a membership or package, the deposit fee will not be charged at the time of booking but will be charged if the service is canceled.
  9. If the appointment is canceled, the payment we took at the time of booking remains as per your arrangement with your client. However, if desired, you can refund the deposit in POS.
  10. If a client books multiple services, each with a deposit, there will be one charge for the total of all deposits
  11. Deposit fees paid will be displayed on SMS & email receipts
  12. Gift cards and promotional codes cannot be used to cover deposit fees

Configure Deposit Fee for a Service

To configure a deposit for a service:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings
  2. Locate the Deposit Policy section
  3. Toggle the Require Deposit? option to YES                                               Business-Settings__4_.png
  4. Click on the Set deposit by specific service hyperlink  Business-Settings__5_.png
  5. A modal will appear in which you can choose which services should require a deposit and whether the deposit should be a flat amount or a percentage of the service price. Business-Settings__8_.png
  6. Set your preference (only integers are allowed)
  7. Save your changes in the modal and at the bottom of the Settings page

You've successfully set up a service deposit.

Collect Deposit Fee on the Booking Widget

Your clients can book an appointment online with a deposit fee by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to your website/booking widget
  2. Choose their preferred location
  3. Select the desired service and date
  4. Proceed to checkout
  5. On the checkout page, they will be notified of the deposit amount and required to enter a credit card MyTime-Hair-Salon.png
  6. Below appointment details, they will see the following:
    • Charged Today -Displays the deposit amount that was charged 
    • Charged After Appointment - Displays the balance remaining after the deposit is deducted from the service price. 
  7. Once they complete their booking, the same information in the previous step will also be displayed on the confirmation page MyTime-Hair-Salon__1_.png

A hold will be placed on their card for the remaining balance (excluding the deposit amount).

Collect Deposit Fee In-Store 

When you schedule an appointment in-store, a modal will appear prompting you to collect a deposit. To collect a deposit fee in-store:

  1. Navigate to the schedule
  2. Book an appointment for a service that requires a deposit
  3. Save
  4. Select YES on the Deposit Required modal Schedule-MyTime__7_.png
  5. You will be directed to the POS to process the payment and save the ticket Ticket-Details-MyTime__9_.png

Once the deposit is paid, you will be redirected to the schedule, where the new appointment will be visible. The appointment tile and appointment modal will display a deposit icon and tag. 

Deposit Icon


Deposit Tag



Refund Deposit Fee

If an appointment is canceled, the payment you took at the time of booking remains as per your arrangement with your client. However, if desired, you can refund the deposit in POS. On the Closed ticket, the service will be marked as canceled, and only the deposit fee amount will be displayed.


To refund the deposit fee on a canceled appointment:

  1. Select the Refund button  Ticket-Details-MyTime__7_.png
  2. Tap the Next button MyTime-Appointments-when-you-want-them__2_.png
  3. Select the Refund button to complete the refund MyTime-Appointments-when-you-want-them__3_.png

Refund successfully processed!




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