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Filter Appointments in Scheduler

MyTime allows you to filter appointments on the scheduler by client, family member, or pet, but only from events that are visible on the screen. 

Things to know

  1. Only the Agenda and Day views display the search box. It does not appear in the Week, Month, or Split views.
  2. The search box is only visible on the desktop. It does not appear in mobile or tablet mode
  3. You can search by client information (email, phone, name) or the name of a family member, pet, or vehicle.
  4. The format of the results will be Client Name (Pet/family member/vehicle Name)
  5. Appointments that are not for the chosen client will be transparent

Filter Appointments on Schedule

To filter appointments on the schedule by client, family member, or pet:

  1. Navigate to the Schedule
  2. Filter by Day or Agenda view
  3. In the search box at the top of the schedule, type in the name of a client/pet/family member Schedule-MyTime__3_.png
  4. Select the desired client from the search results 
  5. The selected client's appointments will be highlighted and scrolled into view. Appointments that do not belong to the selected client will be grayed out, allowing you to see exactly which appointments you found.Schedule-MyTime__4_.png




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