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Purchase Order Reconciliation

The Purchase Order Reconciliation report shows whether the dollar value received matches the amount of a Purchase Order within a specified time frame.

To access this report: 

  1. Navigate to Dashboard

  2. Select the Reports tab

  3. Under the Point of Sale section, select the Purchase Order Reconciliation report:


Once the report opens, you can filter by location, the date range for ordered and completed, and the specific date period. Once you have selected your filters, click on the UPDATE button to generate the desired data. 


Report Columns

From the report, you will see the following columns to display the data:



Ordered The date the purchase order was ordered
Completed The date the purchase order was completed
Location The location where the purchase order was placed
Vendor The vendor associated with the purchase order
PO # The purchase order number
Invoice # The invoice number for the purchase order
Ordered Total The total dollar value for the Purchased Order made
Received Total The total Purchase Order dollar value received
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