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Network Error / Connection Failure Status 0: Cloud9 payment gateway cannot be reached

If you are getting this error it is likely that the certificates on the browser you are using are out of date. There are several ways to fix this:


VPN users 

  1. If you are using a VPN, disable the VPN and try the transaction again. 
  2. If the transaction is successful with the VPN off, you must customize your VPN settings to allow traffic from the MyTime POS to the Ingenico terminal and vice versa. MyTime support can provide a guide on what ports/URLs/IP addresses to white list with your VPN. Please reach out to us at support@mytime.com. 

Mac or Windows users 

  1. Start by updating your web browser. MyTime suggests you use Good Google Chrome.
    1. To update Google Chrome browser simply click here - chrome://settings/help.
    2. The browser will check your current version and then require you to click relaunch to complete the update. Retry the transaction in MyTime. 
    3. In some cases, there may be an error that your browser cannot be updated. If this is the case that is because the operating system on your Mac or PC is out of date. Continue step 2 to see how to update your computer's operating system. 
  2. Update your Windows or Mac operating system. 
    1. Mac - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201541
      1. In many cases, if your Mac OS is between version 0 and 14 Apple will block your computer from accessing their app store to update your machine (since your certificates are out of date). To confirm your version, follow the previous step to verify your version name (in the example here the version name is BigSur). Once you know your version click here and locate your version name which is in the third column from the left. For example, BigSur is version 20. Again, if your version is between 0 and 14 you may not be able to update your operating system on your own. 
      2. If you are unable to update your operating system on your own you have two choices:
        1. Apple only offers the latest operating system version in their Mac app store. It may be your computer is too old to support the latest operating system version so the update will fail. To confirm you can use this link here from Apple to check compatibility. Once you know which version your Mac is compatible with scroll down to the section named "Use Safari to download macOS on your Mac" and download/install the latest version possible. 
        2. Schedule a Genius Bar appointment here and ask the Apple tech to install the latest operating system. 
    2. Windows - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/update-windows-3c5ae7fc-9fb6-9af1-1984-b5e0412c556a#WindowsVersion=Windows_10

iOS users 

  1. Follow the steps here from Apple to update all your apps. Updating all apps will ensure you are on the latest version of the MyTime app and the Google Chrome app.
  2. Follow the steps here from Apple to update to the latest iOS.


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