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Redeem Gift Cards via Ingenico Credit Card Terminals

Physical gift cards can be redeemed via Ingenico credit card terminals.   

Things to know:  

  • This feature is only available for physical gift cards purchased from MyTime and is only accessible to Ingenico terminal users.
  • To order physical gift cards or an Ingenico terminal, please contact our Processing Team at processing@mytime.com

  • The Gift Card "Swipe" link appears only if at least one payment terminal supports clear text swiping.
  • The terminal dropdown list in the Gift Card Swipe modal only includes terminals that support clear text swipe.
  • The first six digits of MyTime issued Gift Cards will always be 698463
  • The maximum length of a gift card number is 25 characters.

To redeem a physical gift card via Ingenico credit card terminals:

  1. Navigate to the POS > New Ticket page
  2. Add an appointment or item to the ticket
  3. Select the Take Payment button  Ticket-Details-MyTime.png
  4. Select the Swipe link on the payment screen download__29_.png
  5. A swipe modal will be displayed                                                  image-png-1366_768-__1_.png                            
  6. Swipe the gift card on the terminal 
  7. Close the ticket

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com. 

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