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Edit Clients' Associated Locations

From a client's profile, you can change their associated location at any time. In this article, we will walk through the steps. 

Things to know:

  1. The ability to edit a client's associated location is tied to the Edit Client access control
  2. A location cannot be edited or removed if it is associated with an appointment or is the client's preferred location. 
  3. The last remaining location cannot be deleted 
  4. A tooltip will appear next to the location linked with an appointment, and a star icon will appear next to the preferred location.

To edit or delete a client's associated location: 

  1. Navigate to the Clients tab
  2. Search for the desired client  
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to Associated Locations        24972773-9f01c7bd092e07d14fd132493a009373.png    
  4. When the modal opens, select the "Add Location" link to add another associated location or the "Delete" link to delete the associated location  delete_location.png
  5. If the Add Location link is selected, you will be able to select a location from the list  
  6. Once selected, select Save  24972864-89b3ffd71a31cc552ed61a19ccc17541.png 
  7. If the Delete link  is selected, the location will be deleted 


If you have any questions about this feature, please contact the Support Team, at support@mytime.com.  


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