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Adding Clients to the Waitlist

 In this article, we will walk through how to add clients to the waitlist in-store.  

Things to know:

  1. By default, waitlist estimation will ignore appointments that are waiting for more than 15 minutes.
  2. All the waiting appointments which are ignored in estimation will display ’N/A’. If you want the waitlist estimation to ignore appointments that have been waiting for more or less than 15 minutes, please contact our Customer Support Team at support@mytime.com to enable this on your behalf. 
  3. Quoted time is the estimated time the client will be on the waitlist from the moment they joined.
  4. The quoted time is based on the selected employee's availability (working hours and appointments) and resource availability. It is calculated by the next available appointment start time minus the current time. So if the next available appointment slot is at 9:00 am and it is now 8:45 am, the quoted time that will be shown to clients will be 15 minutes.
  5. Elapsed time refers to how long the client has been waiting / how long the client was added to the waitlist.
  6. When we add a waitlisted item with Next Resource Available or Next Staff Available, the staff/resource auto-selection will be prefixed with an asterisk (*) as in the first row. Below the employee name is the resource name.
  7. The ‘Next Staff Available’ algorithm for the Waitlist is calculated like this:
    • Which employees can perform the appointment sooner?
    • Which is the least busy employee now?  If employee A already has an appointment, but he can perform 2 appointments at the same time but B and C have no appointments now, then the system will choose between B and C.
    • Which had an appointment auto-assigned recently? If we auto-assigned an appointment to B a few minutes ago and to A 1 hour ago, then A will be preferred by the system.
  8. Once the staff member becomes available, the Start button on the waitlist will turn green.

Adding clients to your waitlist is pretty easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your appointment schedule
  2. On the left sidebar, you will see the + Open Waitlist button
  3. Click + Open Waitlist to view or add to the waitlist                      Schedule-MyTime__2_.png
  4. Select + Add Client to add a client to the waitlist  waittttttttttttt.png
  5. Next, type in the client, staff, and service information 17212161-218f17d4142f0a3c4803f15e40996782.png
  6. . Click Save to add the client to the waitlist  

On the right side of the waitlist, you'll see several buttons (see the image below) 

  • Start button - This button will turn green when the selected staff member is available. When you are ready to move a client from the waitlist into an appointment spot you can simply click this button.
  • Chat icon - This can be used to send a Communicator message to the client.
  • Delete icon - Clicking the X will remove the client from the waitlist.



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