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Waitlist Maximum Wait Time

The Waitlist feature can be configured to prevent adding clients to the walk-in waitlist if the wait is too long. For example, if the wait time exceeds x hours, clients will not be added to the list. This can be set from the Business Setup > Settings page.  

Things to know:

  • The Waitlist maximum setting is only available if the waitlist is enabled
  • The minimum and maximum values allowed are 0.5 hours (30 minutes) and 24 hours, respectively
  • It can be increased in intervals of 0.5 (30 mins)

To set the maximum wait time: 

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings
  2. Under the Calendar section, enter the desired value in the "Waitlist maximum" field  24943529-f8808b6fd5a996750b70ea4b36f4f564.png
  3. Save

Let's now look at an example:


  • The estimated wait time was set to 2 hours in Business Setup > Settings  
  • The current time is 12:00 pm
  • All staff members are unavailable for the next 2 1/2 hours 


If a staff member attempts to add a client to the waitlist, an error message will be displayed "Wait time exceeds the maximum limit for {Employee name}".   waitlist_2.png 


If a client tries to join the waitlist, an error message will appear saying "Sorry, the waitlist is currently full".



If a client tries to join the waitlist via kiosk, the following will happen:

  • The Walk-In option will be disabled
  • An error message will be displayed "Waitlist is currently full"



If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com.




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