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Commission on Membership Sales

Commission on membership sales can be calculated as a flat amount or percentage. This is per membership sale and NOT per monthly recurring membership charges. 

Flat Amount - This is an amount to be paid per membership, regardless of the type of membership, its price, duration, etc. 

Percentage - This option is used to pay a set percentage for each membership sale. 

In this article, you will learn how to:

Set up Commission for membership Sales

To set up a commission for membership sales:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Staff & Availability
  2. Click on a staff member to open their profile
  3. Scroll to the Compensation Reporting section. Check “Track compensation for this staff member
  4. Under the Membership Commissions section, set the flat amount or percentage value  24496466-daccc7e245a1b5db182112d13f4100a7.png
  5. Save your changes

Assign Staff for Membership Sales in POS

  1. Navigate to POS > New Ticket
  2. Add a client 
  3. Select the Products tab
  4. Choose the desired membership to add to the ticket
  5. Select the desired staff member from the commission list 24497353-e7d8fb42e050b16e187b7a3d89b21574.png
  6. Take payment and close the ticket 24497469-3443a7daa17484dfa9f8f51aa6ed959b.png

The commission for the membership sale will be paid to the staff member who was assigned (if the commission was configured for that staff member).


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