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Minimum Gift Card Amount

Businesses can set the minimum gift card amount that can be purchased on the booking widget. This can be configured via the Business Setup > Settings page. This does not apply to in-store gift cards. For example, if the minimum amount is set to $20, a client who tries to purchase a gift card on the booking widget for less than $20 will be unable to proceed.

Things to know:

  1. The default minimum amount is $0 
  2. An error message stating "Amount must be at least $x" will be displayed on the booking widget based on the minimum amount configured.


Configure Gift Card Minimum Amount

To configure the gift card minimum amount:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings
  2. Scroll down to the Gift Cards section
  3. Add the desired value in the "Minimum amount for gift cards" field Business_Settings.png
  4. Save

Client Online Experience

 See the example below:

  1. Go to your booking widget/website 
  2. Choose the desired location (applicable for accounts with multiple locations)
  3. Select the Gift Cards link in the header
  4. Enter the details of the purchase
  5. Add an amount less than $20
  6. Continue Checkout 
  7. An error message is displayed "Amount must be at least $20" 23429327-9d22aea9c19a0c47c2815c03ab9ff94b.png
  8. In order to proceed, the amount will have to be increased. Once that is done, the gift card can be successfully purchased. MyTime_Hair_Salon.png
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