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Appointment Check In via Kiosk

When your clients arrive in-store, they can use the kiosk to check in for their appointments. This article will demonstrate how to use the Appointment Check In functionality via kiosk.

Things to know:

  • Clients can only check in for appointments scheduled for the current day. They are unable to check in for future appointments.
  • When a client checks in via kiosk, their appointment status will be changed to Checked In on the schedule.

To check in for their appointment, they should:

  1. Select the Appointment Check In option on the kiosk screen  Kiosk__14_.png
  2. Enter their phone number or email address Kiosk__15_.png
  3. Confirm the appointment details on the screen, then click the Check-In button Kiosk__16_.png
  4. Select the "Done" button on the confirmation screen  Kiosk__17_.png

The client will be successfully checked in for their appointment. 



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