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Key Features of Franchise Management

MyTime provides your franchisees with a cloud-based integrated platform that includes in-store & online appointment booking, comprehensive point of sale and credit card processing, automated email and SMS marketing, and advanced reporting & analytics. Whether your network includes two or two-thousand locations, MyTime helps scale your mission-critical processes – from appointment scheduling to client management to email marketing to integrated payments – that are required to successfully grow your network and help your franchisees reach their full potential.

Key Features of Franchise Management

  1. Division of Control  - Our custom access controls are completely configurable and let you decide who gets access to which parts of the product.

    You also determine what gets handled at the franchisor level and what gets delegated to the franchisee level. For instance, you could create uniform service menus but let franchisees set their own prices. Or your marketing team can create email templates and coupon codes but let the franchisees decide whether to send campaigns to their customers.

  2. Easy to Provision  - Our Franchisor Dashboard lets you quickly add or remove locations as franchisees enter or exit the system. When you create new locations, they are instantly created based on a saved template.
  3. Billing & Subscriptions - We let you select which subscription plan (and feature set) to make available to each franchisee. With our integrated billing options, you can cover the cost of MyTime or require franchisees to enter a credit card for direct billing.
  4. Real-Time Reporting - MyTime is 100% in the cloud so all data is instantly updated across your network. You can see revenue, tickets, and virtually any other activity at the franchisee group or location level. Our customizable access controls determine what you can and cannot view at the franchisor level to conform with your Master Franchise Agreement. Imagine being able to view in real-time how much revenue your entire system is generating and how different franchisees or regions are doing relative to one another. It’s all possible with MyTime. You can also determine whether client records should be segregated by franchisee or accessed by any location in the franchise system. Imagine the possibility of clients moving between franchisees but maintaining a single client record and package/membership/gift card balance!
  5. Online Presence & Reputation - MyTime empowers local franchises to automatically build & manage their individual reputations online. Each location is set up to have a unique online presence on Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and other leading publishers. As your franchise network is constantly changing, MyTime adjusts your listings in real-time so information found online is always up-to-date – all without lifting a finger. We then work to build the online reputation by encouraging clients with positive interactions to leave reviews for that location. You’ll also be able to see at a glance which franchisees are earning rave reviews from customers… and which are not.
  6. Promotions & Campaigns - MyTime engages and helps retain end customers through automated emails and text messages with the right message at the right time. You can set up and distribute special promotions, targeted emails, reminders, and promo codes based on clients’ purchase history. We’ll help your franchisees stay on-brand and ensure that national promotions are already in the Point of Sale when the client arrives.  
  7. Clients Can Book From Anywhere - Consumers today, and especially Millennials and Generation Z, prefer to find services they need online, particularly on their mobile phones. MyTime ensures they’ll find your services when & where they’re looking through our exclusive integrations with Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, and your own website. Turn traffic to your franchisor page into bookings for your franchisees with our white-labeled embedded online booking experience.
  8. Growth Through Repeat Clients - Winning customer loyalty is hard, especially for new franchisees just getting started. Our automated retention marketing system engages clients with personalized emails or text messages based on their appointment and purchase history. Have a client who came in once but didn’t return? Maybe they need a personalized email or SMS at the right moment to remind them it’s time to come back!
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