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Compensation by Service

This article will walk you through configuring your staff members' compensation based on services using the "compensation by service" option, which allows you to set different commission rates for each service.

Things to Know:

When a staff member has both regular compensation and compensation by service configured, the compensation by service setting takes precedence.

To set up compensation per service:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Staff & Availability
  2. Select the desired staff member
  3. Scroll to "Compensation Reporting" and tick the box to track compensation for this staff member  track by staff.bmp
  4. When you check the box to track compensation for this staff member, it will reveal the available options for setting up commissions
  5. Click on the "set compensation by service" hyperlink 26688920-b4b9f58fbecabed226da0ba2fea35b22.png
  6. The "Compensation per service" modal will appear, displaying all the services you offer. Here, you can add compensation, either in dollars ($) or as a percentage (%), for each service  service catergory.png
  7. After configuring compensation for each service, click "Save" at the bottom of the modal
  8. Once saved, the modal will close. Ensure to also click "Save" on the staff profile to save the information there
  9. A pop-up will appear asking you to update the date for which the compensation should be retro-calculated. Once done, click Yes

Let's now look at an example:

Commission by Service - Full Head Highlights = 60%

Service Revenue = $58

The staff member will be paid $34.80 in commission ($58 x 60%) for the Service


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