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Difference Between a Package and a Membership

In this article, we will highlight the main differences between a membership and a package. Please see the table below: 

Membership Package
Memberships are recurring with a billing frequency and cycle Packages are a one-time payment
Memberships can be auto-renewed after the current contract term or when the membership expires

Packages cannot be auto-renewed

Memberships have value credits and item credits Packages only have item credits (products, services, classes)

Memberships can be updated and those updates can be applied to memberships purchased in the past

Packages cannot have scheduled updates nor update packages purchased in the past

Memberships can be frozen, paused or canceled.

A package cannot be canceled but it can be deleted. Once a package is used, it can only be refunded if the “Allow refunding packages even after they have been used” setting is enabled. Once deleted there will be no record of the package on the client profile. 

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