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Deleting Sales Tax

To delete a sales tax, simply:

  1. Navigate to POS > Inventory
  2. Select the Settings link at the top right 20126326-45b985375f34f7962232eb88dacc61c7.png
  3. Select the Edit link next to the tax you want to delete 20127965-8dbd0d52f35a7372ad824919bf233d63.png
  4. Click on the Delete Tax link at the bottom right of the modal 20127999-6eecc1ef1ca21718b024bb328f692fe9.png
  5. Confirm the deletion                                                                20128061-0fd0c992742b8c3218f98bef43a192d3.png
  6. Ensure to click on the save button on the main tax setup page
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