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Configuring the Self Check-In Kiosk

The kiosk is an interactive in-store portal where clients may self-check in for existing appointments/class sessions or add themselves to the waitlist. In this article, we will walk through the steps on how to enable, customize and log in to the kiosk in-store.  

Things to know

  1. The Self-Check-in Kiosk attracts a one-time setup fee and is controlled by a hidden setting
  2. To enable the kiosk, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com
  3. You can decide whether clients should be added to the waitlist or skip the waitlist and only use real appointments.  


Customize Self Check-In Kiosk 

Once the kiosk is enabled, you can customize the look and feel on your Settings page.

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings
  2. Scroll down to the Self Check-in Kiosk section  
  3. Here you can customize the colors of your kiosk to match the colors of your online booking widget and brand 
    • Select a HEX code using the color pickers to set the theme, primary font, secondary font and header colors                                                                            Business-Settings__1_.png
    • Upload a logo - image must be in JPG, PNG or GIF format, max size 5MB
    • Upload a background image for the kiosk main screen - image must be in JPG, PNG or GIF, max size 5MB, format and sized to 1024x768px  Business-Settings.png
  4. Save your changes 

Your personalized kiosk will be set up and ready to use. 

Create Kiosk Login

When the kiosk role is assigned, the user's ability to login on mytime.com is disabled and the user can only login via the kiosk.

To create a kiosk login:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Staff & Availability  15760430-96d6026fd12b829ffb5a527843378981.png
  2. Select the ”+Add Staff Member” option     15760455-9b31a1a5236374bfeafa666d5ad7af87.png

  3. Add a name, email address and set a password Staff-Availability__1_.png
  4. Save 
  5. Reopen the profile
  6. Assign the kiosk role  Staff-Availability__3_.png
  7. Save

Logging in Self Check-In Kiosk

Once the kiosk is configured, you can login by:

  1. Go to https://kiosk.mytime.com 
  2. Enter your login credentials for the kiosk Kiosk__1_.png
  3. If you have multiple locations, you can select which one to sign into after logging in Kiosk__2_.png
  4. Following the selection of a location, a screen will open with the opportunity to check-in to a class or appointment or add to the waitlistKiosk__3_.png


Setting up Kiosk on Android

  1. Open the Chrome browser by tapping the Chrome icon on your Android home screen
  2. Select "Add to Home screen" from the three vertical dots in Chrome's top toolbar
  3. A web page icon will be added to your home screen
  4. Click the icon to view the web page in full-screen mode



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