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Inventory Snapshot

On the Inventory report, location/company owners have the ability to record historical inventory levels by saving a snapshot of the data as of that moment and downloading it later as a CSV. This can be done manually as necessary or automatically on a nightly basis.  

Things to note:

  • The inventory snapshot is only available to location/company owners
  • For franchise businesses, the setting is managed at the child level 
  • Automatic Snapshot:
    • The automatic inventory snapshot is performed every night at 11:00 p.m. If multiple locations are associated with an account, the inventory snapshot will be performed at 11 p.m. of the latest timezone. For instance, if your business has locations in both New York (EST Timezone) and Los Angeles (PST Timezone), the Los Angeles time will be used.  
  • Manual Snapshot:
    • If you filter by a location with no data, the option to generate the snapshot will NOT be visible.
    • The snapshot button is visible as long as you don't change filters - If you change filters, the button will disappear but will reappear after you click the Update button. This was done to avoid confusion and make sure that you understand what data is being snapshotted.
    • The snapshot respects the location filter, so if location A is selected, the snapshot will only display data from that location when it is generated.

Set up Automatic Nightly Snapshots

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings 
  2. Scroll down to the Reports section
  3. Set the "Take Daily Inventory Snapshot" setting to YES             21703439-356e8eae27d81c0bde7add28684157c0.png                                  
  4. Save your changes 

Once enabled, it cannot be disabled and the button will remain grey. A snapshot of the Inventory report will be taken automatically on a nightly basis and stored as a CSV in the Snapshot section on the Inventory report.

Manually Generate a Snapshot

To manually generate an inventory snapshot:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Reports

  2. Under the POS section, select the Inventory report

  3. Filter by a location with data

  4. Select the Update button

  5. Click on the Create Snapshot link in the top right corner above the export icons  19893188-0e9689a4a833b9e7da208e74d5f656f1.png

When clicked, a snapshot of the data will be taken and stored as a CSV which can be downloaded at any time under the Snapshots tab of the report. 


Snapshot Tab 

Column Description


The date and time the snapshot was triggered


Name of the staff member who triggered the snapshot
Filters The location that was selected when the snapshot was generated 

When exported, the snapshot will display the details of the SKUs that are stocked at ALL locations.

"Generating" will be displayed if the snapshot is not finished processing.

Excel export icon will be displayed once finished processing

Delete Allows you the ability to delete the snapshot. Once selected, a confirmation pop-up will appear.




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