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SMS Tipping

To initiate tipping requests via SMS, it's essential to enable one or both of the "Request tips via SMS" options according to your business needs. In this guide, we will explore both options in detail.

Things to know: 

  • Tip-related SMS messages are dispatched 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment, ensuring clients are informed beforehand about the opportunity to leave a tip via SMS following their appointment. This proactive method ensures clients are acquainted with the tipping process, improving convenience and delivering a smooth experience.
  • Clients are granted a 3-hour window post-appointment to submit their tip via SMS.
  • Tips submitted via SMS are factored into your SMS billing. This means that any text messages related to tipping will contribute to the overall SMS charges associated with your account. 

Enable SMS Tipping

To enable SMS Tipping:

1. Go to Business Setup > Settings


2. Navigate to the “Tipping” section and toggle "Allow clients to leave tips?" to YES



You will then see the following SMS Tip options: 


If this feature is enabled, we can send a text message to clients during their appointment, giving them the option to add a tip when appointments were booked and paid for online. Clients have a three hour window after the appointment to respond with the tip amount.

 Tip 1.png

If enabled, clients who haven't booked and paid online but have a credit card on file, we can send a text message during the appointment to ask if they would like to leave a tip. Clients have up to three hours after the appointment to respond with the tip amount.


3. Activate the desired setting

4. Save

The message clients receive will depend on the business's preference regarding tipping for prepaid or non-prepaid appointments.


Clients have a 3-hour window after the appointment ends to specify their desired tip amount. They will then receive a confirmation message as depicted below.


If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com. 

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