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Customizing Your Email Theme

You can edit the general theme on all automated message and campaign templates by simply:

  1. Navigating to Marketing > Automated Messages 
  2. Click on the “Edit Email Theme” link below the template on the left 19344897-080134048e64617133d694d1cede3e87__1_.png
  3. Here you can set the background and button colors as well as the background image. You can also choose whether or not to include the letterhead. The changes made will be reflected on all automated and marketing templates. 
    • Images - PNG or JPG, max size 2MB. For best results use images that are at least 1200x1400px. Photo must be at least 600x700px
    • Letterhead - This will leave 30 pixels at the top of the body of the email for your background image to show. This is useful if you have a custom header that you'd like to use. 19345263-35c7502374ce764a494cf65cc8fe151b.png
  4. Save your changes

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