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Purchase Order Statuses

The table below describes what each purchase order status means.  

Status Description
19256218-1ad4239c3144f7f4577d64f11e419683.png A purchase order in Draft status means that the order is being prepared but was not submitted to the vendor.
19256246-472524d326754cc6815fa7cdd5347ad6.png A purchase order in Ordered status means that the order was submitted to the vendor. 
19256258-2d6338721ca92d84b71f98d8e5215a28.png A purchase order in Completed status means that the order was fulfilled. Once an order is completed, it cannot be canceled. However, it can be reopened if the "Allow users to reopen purchase orders" setting is enabled. 
19256279-074d2b891dbb3202001d73870589f9ea.png A purchase order in Checking In status means that the order was received and being checked in.
19256275-e167c81363c71418969f78ded5b9b63e.png A purchase order in Canceled status means that the order was canceled. Once an order is canceled, it cannot be edited.
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