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Selling Products

In this article, we will walk through how to sell products in POS.

Things to know:

  • A product can only be sold to clients if the "Sell to Clients (And Apply Taxes)" checkbox is checked                                                                               19069468-22cb56d617e0b516f424510fc56c1f69.png                                            
  • An employee will only be entitled to commission on selling a product if the "Commission Eligible" checkbox is checked                                                                                     19069518-9e50b30c08b6146b2db1c73c81186e8c__1_.png

To sell a product to a client:

  1. Navigate to POS > New Ticket
  2. Add a client
  3. Select the Products tab unnamed_-_2021-12-21T210156.470.png
  4. Use the search bar to search for the desired product from the product list unnamed_-_2021-12-21T210230.992.png
  5. Select the commissionable staff member from the drop-down list that is available under the Commission section unnamed_-_2021-12-21T210345.064.png
  6. Take payment
  7. Close the ticket
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