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Editing/Refunding Closed Tickets

If you make a mistake, no problem. You can edit or issue a full or partial refund in seconds. In this article, we will walk through the steps on how to edit or refund tickets.   

Things to know:

  • Once a ticket is closed, you will be able to edit or refund only 
  • The ability to edit or refund a ticket is controlled by the "Edit/Refund Closed Tickets" access control 
  • Registers that appear during a refund:
    • By selecting a location, the staff member is establishing their current/default location
    • The most recently selected location register will be selected by default first because we assume that is where the staff member is currently located
    • All applicable registers will be displayed in the register drop-down menu: the one that was selected as well as the register at the ticket's location 
  • You cannot refund an amount higher than the amount for the items
  • Once a ticket is fully refunded it cannot be reopened
  • The following info can be edited on a closed ticket:
    • The name of the employee who sold a gift card, package, membership, or product
    • The name of the employee who performed a service
  • Items can be removed from the closed ticket and once refunded are restocked into the inventory
  • Processing the refund for a product valuing $0 will be restocked back into the inventory
  • When processing a refund, no items will be selected by default
  • When a product is selected for refund, the quantity will be defaulted to 1, even if more than 1 of that item was purchased. If more than one count of the same product is to be refunded, that count can be increased manually.
  • Tips cannot be edited after they have been withdrawn. An error message will appear when this is attempted, "Cannot edit because tips were already withdrawn"

Refunding Closed Tickets

To refund a ticket that you closed:

  1. Navigate to POS > Closed Tickets 
  2. Search for the ticket number and select it 
  3. When the ticket opens select the Refund button unnamed_-_2021-12-21T195940.441.png
  4. When refunding tickets, you can decide to refund all items or just specific items. You can also refund the entire amount or do a partial refund. 
  5. To refund a specific item, you can just uncheck the boxes for the items you don’t want to be refunded. You can also choose a refund reason if configured in Settings. unnamed_-_2021-12-21T200014.803.png
  6. Tap the Next button
  7. Select the Refund button to complete the refund  unnamed_-_2021-12-21T200056.141.png


Refunding Products Valuing $0

  1. Navigate to POS > New Ticket
  2. Add a product that is worth more than $0 but was discounted to $0 OR a product that is priced at $0 
  3. Close ticket
  4. Reopen the closed ticket > locate the red "Refund" button at the bottom left-hand corner mceclip0.png
  5. Click Next                mceclip1.png
  6. Click the "Refund $0.00" button                                  mceclip3.png
  7. Confirm by clicking Done on the confirmation message received mceclip2.png

Editing Closed Tickets

To edit a ticket that you closed:

  1. Go to POS > Closed Tickets 
  2. Search for the ticket number and select it
  3. When the ticket opens select the Edit button  unnamed_-_2021-12-21T200242.032.png
  4. The ticket will be in a reopened state where you can make the necessary adjustments 
  • If the price is increased, you will be prompted to take payment
  • If the price is decreased you will be prompted to process a refund

For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.

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