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Tips on Printed Receipts

Once tipping is enabled on the account, your POS tickets will have a tip field where your clients can leave a tip. You can enter tips from receipts into MyTime and add on to the charge for them after the client leaves. Here are the steps: 

  1. Go to POS > New Ticket
  2. Add an appointment to the ticket
  3. Proceed to Payment Screen unnamed_-_2021-12-20T171202.477.png
  4. Add credit card as payment 
  5. Select Print & Settle Later button unnamed_-_2021-12-20T171324.664.png
  6. When the receipt is printed and the client signs and adds their desired tip amount, select the Settle Payment link in the top right corner unnamed_-_2021-12-20T171948.306.png
  7. Enter the tip amount in the Tip field                                  unnamed_-_2021-12-20T172123.725.png
  8. Select the Charge button
  9. The tip will appear on the ticket and you can split it if you so desire  unnamed_-_2021-12-20T172127.980.png
  10. Close ticket 

(click for link to video)

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