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Grouping Appointments by Client

If a client has multiple unpaid (past) appointments on your Schedule, these appointments will be grouped together in POS for you to easily add them to a ticket.

To group appointments by client:

  1. Navigate to POS > New Ticket
  2. Search for the client 
  3. Select all the appointments that should be paid 19620531-f4f5491518ec4ffe843a6a67439c5ddf__1_.png
  4. Once all the appointments are added to the ticket, you can proceed to take payment and close the ticket 19620588-26fef972177b40f4859fa3787e08f463.png

You can also add multiple appointments for different clients to the same ticket.  For instance, Anna wants to pay for her and Aliyah’s appointment, both can be added to the same ticket so that you can process one payment.  




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