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Closing the Register

In this article, we will walk through the steps on how to close your register at the end of the day. Once you click the ‘Close Register’ button the reconciliation process begins.

Please Note: Negative values are not permissible for any count when closing the register, and attempting to input such figures will result in a validation message being displayed, Invalid Quantity

To close a register:

  1. Navigate to POS > Registers
  2. Select Enter Register button next to the desired register unnamed_-_2021-12-17T183242.895.png
  3. Select the Close Register button unnamed_-_2021-12-17T183318.235.png
  4. Enter the cash at the end of the day in the respective fields 
    • The actual and expected card and check values will be prefilled
    • You can enter the check and cash amount that you want to move to your bank account in the respective fields unnamed_-_2021-12-17T183405.890.png
  5. If you enter an amount for the cash float for a value larger than the amount of cash in the register, you will be prompted to deposit cash into the register to ensure that you have enough cash on hand.                        
  6. Select Deposit Cash            unnamed_-_2021-12-17T183557.120.png
  7. You will be prompted with the absolute amount you will need to deposit to make your Float and Cash to Bank reconcile
  8. Confirm deposit                             unnamed_-_2021-12-17T183751.432.png

Once you confirm to deposit that amount it will close the register for you.


Closeout Report Fields




The date and time the ticket was closed or refunded

Ticket #

The classifying number associated with a ticket. Clicking this link opens the ticket.


Displays the payment method used - cash, credit card, etc. 


The total amount collected


Manual adjustments made, withdrawal, and deposits

Closed By

The name of the staff member who closed the ticket


The amount manually entered when closing the register


Expected Amount in Register - Actual Amount Counted in Register 

Starting Cash

Cash counted in the register at the beginning of the day

Opening Overage

Total Opening Cash Expected in Register - Actual Opening Cash Counted by the staff member 

Closing Cash

Cash counted in the register at the end of the day.

Closing Overage

Total Closing Cash Expected in Register - Actual Closing Cash Counted in Register

Cash Float

Cash remaining in the register 

Gift Cards

Payment received via gift cards


Payment received via other payment methods.

Credit Cards Processed

Payment received via credit cards

Credit Cards Overage / Shortage

Total Credit Cards Expected in Register - Actual Credit Cards Counted in Register

Checks Overage / Shortage

Total Cash Expected in Register - Actual Cash Counted in Register

Cash to Bank

Cash sent to the bank

Checks to Bank

Checks sent to the bank

Total Deposit to Bank

Cash + Checks sent to the bank


Information entered by the staff member when closing the register. 

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