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Withdraw Tips

In this article, we will walk through the steps on how staff members can withdraw tips from the register. The ability for staff members to withdraw tips from the register is dependent on the "Take Tips from Register" access control. 

To withdraw tips from the register:

  1. Go to POS > Registers
  2. Select Enter Register button next to the desired register 18772237-74e3415ec450bb3b5c39778f17d9d643.png
  3. Next, select the Add/Withdraw button 18772254-8dea31cc19263973175875fc0b3bcf3e.png
  4. Select Withdraw Tips, you can choose to withdraw all tips for all staff members or only a few tips 18772272-9989ff765c14e2a8ff1426c77da4210c.png
  5. Select Withdraw Tips button to complete the action 

This will be recorded in the register as an adjustment. 


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