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Returns Without A Receipt

When clients return a product and no proof of purchase or closed ticket can be found, you can use the Returns Without Receipt feature (if enabled) to process the return.

Things to know:

  • Before the transaction can be processed, a register must be opened
  • The refund will be reflected in the register 
  • The stock quantity will not be adjusted automatically in this case, you have to manually edit the stock if any of the returned products are returned to the shelves.

To process a return without a receipt:

  1. Navigate to POS > Close Ticket 
  2. Select the Process return without receipt link  unnamed_-_2021-12-16T191854.094.png
  3. Select a product from the list to add to the ticket unnamed_-_2021-12-16T191954.470.png
  4. Select the refund reason and close the ticket unnamed_-_2021-12-16T192036.785.png


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