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Adding Memberships for Pets on Client Profile

On the client's profile page you will be able to add membership for pets under the Memberships section.

To add a pet membership:

  1. Go to the Clients tab
  2. Open the client's profile
  3. Scroll down to the membership section 
  4. Select the + icon  13935626-3280f9b7cc260a7d3c817830d76165bc.png
  5. Choose the purchase location and membership
  6. Select the pet from the Membership Owner dropdown menu  13935657-16759ebb38d283bb60c426c0fa9779bf.png
  7. Save or proceed to take payment 

The membership will be stored on the client's profile and in the Membership report.

Client Profile

The name of the pet and breed will be displayed in parentheses next to the membership on the client's profile.  


Membership Roster Report - The name of the pet will be displayed in the pet column on the report



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