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Account Management on Booking Widget

MyTime gives you the opportunity to provide advanced account management from within the booking widget to your clients. This is currently controlled by a hidden setting that can only be enabled by the MyTime team. To enable this feature, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com.  

When activated and enabled, the My Account menu will be displayed in the booking widget header. Clients will be able to manage their bookings, gift cards, and payments (packages, memberships, and notification preferences are coming soon).

Things to know

  1. Once the feature is enabled on an account, you will have to include it when configuring your widget in website tools for it to be visible online

  2. The“My Bookings” option will not be displayed in the dropdown menu if Account is enabled

  3. The gift cards section will only be accessible and visible in the menu if enabled from the widget setup


Customer Online Experience

Your clients can manage their account by:

  1. Navigating to your booking page using the booking URL or book button on your website
  2. Select the Sign in link at the top right of the page  18554190-908a4d166a25f2f87a30698822a9f30e.png
  3. After signing in, expand the dropdown menu next to their initials and select "Account" 18554212-bf445722d851454e4c9d9bf84d9f6ae9.png
  4. There are various sections that are visible - Account Settings, Payments, Gift Cards, and Bookings
  5. They can navigate to the various sections by clicking on each option on the left sidebar. By default, Account Settings will be the first tab displayed.  
    • Account Settings - This section displays personal information such as the client's name, email, and phone number. It also includes the client's address and login information.  18554226-2c6ff3a3a7879fc4096cc119d12bf5c4.png
    • Payment - This section displays the client's credit card information. This can be removed at any time. If the client prepaid for an appointment in the future, they will not be able to remove the card until the appointment is completed. 18554235-a83d26283ad8882bf6371558b1032ea5.png
    • Gift Cards - This section displays all the gift cards the client has ever purchased including the balance remaining. There is a button to purchase additional gift cards if needed. 18554246-4e02827e1802bb9efe8524389b5360ca.png
    • Bookings - This section displays all upcoming and past bookings for the client. 18554271-7ff3fb5fb85aa46b71607aed5f76101a.png

Set Up Account Management 

To set up the Account Management functionality on the widget: 

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Website Tools
  2. Select the Set Up button next to Add Appointment Booking to Your Website 14242697-8243a48270b3f9ee1727b7ea6cfb0097.png
  3. You can choose to install a widget or express checkout link  
  4. Select the Booking Widget option then proceed to set up the widget unnamed__4_.png
  5. On the Customize Booking Theme page, set up your button and widget theme then select next to proceed to the installation page  18553350-f4f95538e43d087e2dd2c942df1960c6.png
  6. From the Widget Includes dropdown menu, ensure "My Account" is selected 18553393-c64be3bf64b0ac9d9e57ef012c527a91.png

We hope your clients will enjoy this great enhancement. For more information please contact us at support@mytime.com.

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