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Discontinue Products Manually

If you want to mark a product as discontinued instead of deleting it from the system, this can be done at any time from the inventory page. If a product is discontinued (not active), the remaining QTY can be sold but the item cannot be reordered (included in purchase orders). 

To manually mark a product as discontinued, simply:

  1. Go to POS > Inventory
  2. Search for the product 
  3. Click on the product in your inventory list that you want to mark as inactive 17680878-5543fffa31075cf97a17a8f96b0a2d1c.png
  4. Select the Edit Product Details link 17683650-81de2ae254ddc4d9a5bec7cddcedc8bf.png
  5. Set the Active toggle to NO 17683685-455a7da3321d4dd63e09ee5226a07f2a.png
  6. Once updated, save 17683704-d422686fdd9b06fb084892735bda3ac2.png
  7. The product will be marked as Discontinued 17683825-7b1fe811362dbb9a31249a8123c1561f.png
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