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Adding Vendors while Importing Products

Vendors can be added directly on the vendor profile page or from the inventory section when importing products. In this article, we will walk through the steps of adding vendors while importing products. 

  1. To access the inventory spreadsheet, select POS, then select the Inventory tab.blobid17.png
  2. Select the Import link at the bottom right of the page 10431605-30834ef00cde3b783dac0e2016a25a07.png
  3. The screen below will appear, select the Download spreadsheet link blobid19.png
  4. When you open the excel spreadsheet, the first tab (labeled INSTRUCTIONS) explains how to enter your inventory. Use the second tab (labeled SKU) to enter your inventory information. 
  5. Enter your product details. Ensure you add the vendor details in column D. In the screenshot below, I added Jenny as the vendor.blobid20.png
  6. When you are finished entering your inventory information into the MyTime Inventory Spreadsheet, make sure to save the excel file.
  7. Next, return to the Import section of the Inventory page, select the location and the
    Upload button.blobid21.png
  8. When your file is uploaded, select Import. blobid22.png
  9. Your inventory will now appear in your Inventory section of MyTime. blobid23.png
  10. Jenny will now appear in the vendor list on the Vendor Profile page.blobid24.png

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