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Delete Products via Inventory Spreadsheet

Existing products including all of its SKUs can be deleted in bulk using the inventory import file. Please note that a product can only be deleted if the product already exists in MyTime and the cell is "Y".

To do this simply:

  1. Navigate to POS > Inventory
  2. Select the Export link at the bottom right of the page  17674960-cadc44a2acc746e0dc4da825ab4c5fcd.png
  3. In the exported file, Enter “Y” for yes in the Delete Product and all its SKUs? column for products that should be deleted  17675443-f739301f5198f07ae62fe4730405d8b9.png
  4. Once you have made the necessary adjustments, make sure to save the excel file
  5. Next, return to the Import section of the Inventory page, select the location then the Upload button 17610731-32306b492734dbe6b8f426669a5ffa96.png
  6. When your file is uploaded, select Import 17610788-80dc44ecd33ade91442b4fc86c6d73f6.png
  7. Your products are now deleted. A confirmation will be displayed confirming the deletion and asking you to refresh the page. 

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