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Adding Family Members

For accounts with the family member feature enabled, you can add a family member to a client record from the Clients tab.

Things to Know:

Family member names must be unique and can't match the name of the client

  1. Navigate to Clients
  2. Search for the desired client 
  3. Open the profile
  4. In the top right, select Add Family Member button 18477045-adec780c4ba7930c53673a6830deaf2e.png
  5. Enter as much information about the family member as necessary, first name is mandatory. 18477161-051d30dee581a4387f0d28de36e27624.png
  6. Save your changes 

The family member will now be displayed on the primary client's profile.


To add additional family members:

  1. Expand the "All Family Members" menu in the top right 18477462-a9bc84d341d3bab461c631110792bd2c.png
  2. Click on the "New Family Member" option  18477478-ff3cd24a4848248645390d2467f76f0c.png
  3. Enter as much information about the family member as necessary
  4. Save


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