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Freezing and Unfreezing Memberships

Allowing customers to Freeze their memberships can be a great way to keep a customer as a member should they need to suspend payments for a short period of time, instead of just outright canceling their membership. Once the ”Allow freezing memberships” setting is enabled, you will be able to freeze a client’s membership. When a membership is frozen, it will reactivate automatically after the freeze period has ended.

Things to know:

  • Clients will be able to use their benefits during the freeze period on the Settings page
  • The freeze duration for memberships can be edited from the Client Record. The client will not be charged when you change the duration, and it will be limited to the maximum freeze length setting that is configured on the Settings page.
  • If a freeze fee is set up, it will be charged automatically when the membership is activated. 

To freeze a membership:

  1. Open the client's profile that you want to view
  2. Scroll down to the Memberships section  
  3. Expand the arrow on the right next to the membership status  
  4. Select the Freeze link unnamed__58_.png
  5. Choose the freeze period - start and end date unnamed__59_.png
  6. Confirm the action                          unnamed__60_.png
  7. The status will update to Frozen unnamed__62_.png

To edit the freeze period:

  1. Select the Edit link        unnamed__63_.png
  2. Adjust the freeze end date                         unnamed__64_.png
  3. Click on the Freeze Membership button

To unfreeze membership:

  1. Select the Unfreeze link  unnamed__65_.png
  2. Confirm that you want to unfreeze the membership and charge for the current month   unnamed__66_.png


Please Note: If all memberships have been Frozen for your account due to a temporary closure (ie: COVID-19) any membership that was in a Suspended status for non-payment will be updated to a Frozen status until this Freeze is lifted. Once the freeze is lifted the membership will be attempted to charge again. If it is still not successful, the membership status will update back to Suspended. 


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