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Referral Earned Credit on Referee and Referrer Client Profiles

On accounts with the Client Referral Program subscription, the referral credit earned by each client will be displayed on their profile. 

To view, the referral earned credits on the referee's or referrer's client profile: 

1. Navigate to the Clients tab 

2. Search for the client's profile 

3. Scroll down to the Referral Credit section

Referee's Profile


Referrer's Profile


4. Selecting the View Audit Trail link will display the following:

Field Description
Date The date the referral was made or the transaction took place
Ticket # The ticket # associated with the activation and redemption
Client The name of the referrer and referee
Transaction Type Displays any action taken against the client's referral credit - Used, Activated, Referred By, Referred
Modified By The name of the staff member who added the referral or processed the transaction
Old Value The value before any action taken against the client's referral credit
New Value The value after any action taken against the client's referral credit

Referee's Profile


Referrer's Profile



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