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Online Walk-in Waitlist 

Once the Walk-in Waitlist is configured on your website, clients can add themselves to the waitlist by:

  1. Navigating to your booking page using the booking URL or book button on your website
  2. Select the desired location (if the account has multiple locations)
  3. Select the desired service  17208223-dcecc1812b24b701fe4bae03f78d0e18.png
  4. The estimated wait time will be displayed 17208264-88f813645c1fc606da89f8c530cd2af1.png
  5. Select Check-In button 
  6. The client will be redirected to the checkout page where they can sign in if they already have an account, continue using their Facebook or apple accounts, or create a new account 17208296-487252b74f840f5dbbb2b62d6ebcffc0.png
  7. Complete the intake form questions (where applicable) 17208342-a75f218d13a35bac81306a3c14eeb379.png
  8. Complete Check-In 
  9. The check-in confirmation page will appear 17208454-ec0ddd2c0549078a10434d8c91885ad5.png



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