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Booking Classes Online

In this article, you will see the steps taken by your clients to book a class session online.

  1. Clients will go to your booking page using the booking URL or book button on your website.
  2. Select the desired location (if the account has multiple locations) 17207113-cfe0b9610e93fb985e8e1c607e6e60d3.png
  3. Select the desired class based on date and time  17207479-e05af03082fb3450e86622bd17b7d4c9.png
  4. Choose the attendee type then select the Continue button to proceed to checkout 17207555-d3b4c0197fbac5c087c78c4cb0702c95.png
  5. On the checkout page, they can sign in if they already have an account, continue using their Facebook or apple accounts, or create a new account 17207604-6c0ae7f2b651ead2065e220d73163d04.png
  6. Complete intake form (if applicable) 17207683-194d6fb7b04029e18073918bd1790e18.png
  7. Complete booking 
  8. The booking confirmation page will appear 17207715-98159c6def707fb7f98825b9ee0c6b4c.png

Once the class session is booked, the client can:

  • Use the Book Again button to navigate to the Time Picker to book another class session 17207811-883a4bd862829ec414abc2cd62c23417.png
  • Add the booked class session to your personal Google, Yahoo, Outlook, or Apple calendar.    17202502-0e045f77257b6f88b1cd0450af600336.png                               
  • Cancel the class session using the Cancel link 17207856-f090b8b873d6033fd9cf6c6c111128d3.png
  • Get Directions to the business using the Get Directions link  
  • Print a copy of the class session confirmation using the Print link at the bottom left of the screen 17207903-ff5b10e24845c81c43f741e6838fadef.png


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