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Create Stock Checks

For our businesses who are using our Inventory Tool heavily, you have the ability to check your stock counts. This is extremely helpful if you have weekly, monthly quarterly, or yearly inventory counts that need to be done. In this article, we will look at how to create a stock check.

To create a stock check:

  1. Navigate to POS > Inventory
  2. Select Stock Checks on the left panel unnamed_-_2021-11-17T213026.893.png
  3. Click the New Stock Check button in the upper right corner unnamed_-_2021-11-17T213011.144.png
  4. Enter the relevant information
    • Location - The location associated with the stock check
    • Stock Check Name - The name of the stock check. This field is required
    • Stock Check ID - If left blank, the system will auto-generate one 
    • Start and End Time - The date and time the stock check should begin and complete. Start time is required
    • Assigned To - The name of the staff members the stock check is assigned to. You can select all staff or specific staff members. This field is required
    • Count By - Product Category or Brand
    • Select Categories - Should stock check include retail and back bar products? This field is required17009807-2ad9466b6c81a1e6225216b82345e519.png                 
  5. Once all the relevant information is entered, select the Next button

The Stock Check will be created and displayed in the list.


Start Time - Date and time the stock check should begin

Stock Check # - The unique number for the stock check. This can be auto-generated or you can create your own. 

Name - Name of the stock check

Due Time - Date and time the stock check should be completed by

Created By - The name of the staff member who created the stock check.

Status - The status of the stock check

  • Ready to Start 
  • In Progress
  • Scheduled
  • Completed



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