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Custom Pricing and Duration by Client

To set a custom duration/price for future use for a client:

  1. Open the desired client’s profile
  2. Click on the edit icon unnamed_-_2021-11-17T142001.920.png
  3. When the edit modal opens, scroll down to the bottom and select + Add a custom service unnamed_-_2021-11-17T142125.337.png
  4. Select the desired service from the first drop down menu and desired staff from the second drop down menu  (selecting a specific staff is not required) unnamed_-_2021-11-17T142205.512.png
  5. Additional fields will populate for you to enter the custom duration and/price  unnamed_-_2021-11-17T142308.722.png
  6. After making the adjustments, select the Save button at the bottom right of the modal your custom end time in the End Time drop down menu

The custom duration and price will be displayed on the client profile and in the appointment modal.  

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